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About SuperGreen Solutions of St. Paul South, MN

SuperGreen Solutions (SGS) began in 1997 and today there are over 30 U.S. locations (including 3 in Minnesota) and a dozen outside the U.S.  We are reputable sustainability advisors and suppliers of commercial energy efficient solutions.

SuperGreen Solutions is a sustainability consulting service for businesses. We provide our professional knowledge paired with an extensive supply chain to help companies incorporate sustainable practices.  We show companies how to leverage “Green” Certification to:

·  Reduce Operational Costs
·  Develop an Effective Marketing Program
·  Increase Employee Productivity and Loyalty
·  Provide Recruiting Tools

Numerous studies and real-world examples have proven that sustainability programs deliver immediate and sustained financial returns.

Our comprehensive Sustainability Analysis includes business and buildings. 

·  Business Operations
·  Building Efficiency
·  Employee loyalty and recruitment
·  Independent Certifications and Awards 

We are much more than an energy audit company.  Lowering costs and driving revenue go well beyond the building!

When performed correctly, a sustainability program cuts waste and reduces costs without compromising performance, service, or the environment.

·   Cost reductions (via energy efficient products)
·   20% higher sales and margins*
·   55% higher employee morale*
·  16% higher employee productivity*
·   38% higher employee loyalty*
·   25% less employee turnover*
·   Market Recognition (via becoming a sustainability leader)

          * Harvard Business Review, The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability, October 2016

When a company markets itself as “Green” they must first be independently certified sustainable to maintain credibility with customers.  We have the expertise to get your organization an ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification in an affordable, timely and straightforward manner. Over 8,000 companies in North America are already certified and 350,000 companies worldwide, a 70% growth rate since 2004. ISO 14001 certification documentation is organizationally similar to ISO 9001 Quality Management, however there is considerably less paperwork, effort and cost.  The technical details are of course distinct from a Quality Management program.

We are here to provide small and mid-size enterprises the same benefits large corporations have realized from sustainability implementations. Using SGS to out-source a sustainability initiative allows your business to remain focused on core competencies. For a minimal investment, we get you certified and then project manage recommended changes at a pace which won't overwhelm your staff or disrupt your operations.

Ask us about our guarantee. We eliminate waste and increase revenues which more than offsets the fees for our services.  We help your company to simultaneously:

·  Improve the bottom line
·  Lower the environmental impact

SuperGreen Solutions will help your company:

·  Perform a detailed Sustainability Assessment of the building itself AND business operations.
·  Complete an Energy Star Building Audit**.
·  Generate a roadmap to achieve an Independent Green Certification.
·  Launch an effective marketing campaign.
·  Project Lead a Green Team and meet monthly to implement inexpensive or no-cost business and building changes with the goal of achieving an Independent Green Certification.  
         ** compares your building with other buildings in the same geography used similarly

       Harvard Business Review:  The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

       Inc. Magazine:  Millennials, Gen-Xers, Boomers: Here's the Work Perk You've Always Wanted

       Environmental standards and labor productivity (Pekovic and Delmas)

       "Firms that have adopted environmental standards are associated with 16% higher labor productivity than firms that have not done so."

There are many well-known companies who embrace sustainability because it improves their bottom line such as Wal-Mart, Ecolab, Waste Management, Cargill, General Mills, Hormel, Target, Best Buy, Ameriprise Financial, Nike, Thrivent Financial, Unilever, U.S. Bancorp, Medtronic, Aveda, 3M,...  There is not enough space to list them all, but they would not be pursuing sustainability unless there was a strong business case.   The perception that one can have profits or sustainability, but not both is simply not true.   “No longer are sustainability and profit at odds; on the contrary, rather than being a drag on profit, sustainability can drive it.”***

*** The Guardian:  Growth and sustainability: are they really at odds with each other?

Minnesota Companies are finding that Eco-friendly can also be business-friendly  

The cost to go green is relatively inexpensive with a short ROI of less than 12 months.  The fee to submit documentation for ISO 14001 review the first year is just $1000 and $500 for years two and three. 

SGS charges approximately 10 cents a square foot for the initial Sustainability Assessment of the business and building as well as the generation of a detailed roadmap to sustainability.  This document is required for ISO certification includes many low-cost and no-cost recommendations.  All proposed equipment or procurement changes include cost and ROI estimations.  Every proposed change requires executive management approval, so expenditures can be carefully controlled.  ISO documentation generation depends on several factors including; environmental regulations associated with the business, chemicals used, the size/scope of the waste stream, number of employees, building vs business envelope, age of equipment, transportation requirements, and so on.  SGS project leads a green team to implement approved changes which is between 1.5 and 2.5 hours a month following the executive approval of the roadmap.  

ISO 14001 Certification requires a three-year commitment, but the certification can be achieved in three to six months for most customers.  The benefits however can be realized immediately as the marketing campaign can be launched as soon as the Sustainability Assessment is kicked off.  Companies are encouraged to publicly announce their intention to "Go Green" prior to official certification.

Sammi and Paul look forward to hearing from you!

Give us a call at 651-426-3703 and we can provide details not addressed on this web site and address any questions you might have.

The Green Compass Sustainability Award program will help your business differentiate itself from the competition and will allow your business to promote itself as a green business. This will provide access to new revenue streams, reduce your costs and gain loyalty with your customer base. As part of the program, we will:

Conduct a Benchmark Assessment

This is more than an energy audit. We will complete a detailed assessment of your entire business operation, not just your building; and analyze your current energy expenses and operational practices associated with sustainability.

Design the Enhancements Plan

The plan will detail the sustainable business items we will address within your business, leading to reductions in costs and have a positive financial impact.

Manage the Certification Process

We lead and guide the sustainability committee; made up from members of your staff. We work with the committee and together implement the operational changes needed for the certification award. For work you approve: we will assist with finding the financing, if needed; procure all of the necessary products for the projects and project manage the project from start to finish.

Promotion of Certification Award

Once your business has earned the sustainability award, we will lead the charge to promote your business as recognized sustainable. We will provide the marketing plan you will follow to gain the most exposure and benefit from your newly earned sustainable business status.

SuperGreen Solutions St. Paul South, MN will assist you in procuring the products needed for your enhancements plan. Our partnerships with these suppliers of green and eco-friendly products will save you energy and money. Our philosophy of "reduce before we produce" enables us to help your business reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions, while increasing efficiency and savings. Products include:

  • Energy management systems
  • Refrigeration enhancements
  • Existing window improvements
  • Insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Skylights
  • Solar power products
  • Distributed power solutions
  • EV charge stations
  • Water purification
  • Air to water
  • Water heating
  • Air filtration and purification systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • And more
Sammi Cook-Kuehn Photo

Sammi Cook-Kuehn, Co-Owner, Sales Director, Green Business Consultant and Sustainability Coach

Certified Green Realtorâ„¢, Legal Studies, 12 years of small business experience, 8 years Organic Farming, Business Administration, Commercial Building Energy Auditor, SuperGreen Solutions Master Adviser, Plan for a Better Environment Adviser

Paul Lockbaum Photo

Paul Lockbaum, Co-Owner, Technical Director, Green Business Consultant and Sustainability Coach

Mechanical Engineer, Master in Business, 25+ years in large corporations, 7+ years in Small Business Operations, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical power background, Commercial Building Energy Auditor, LEED Green Associate, Extensive Project Management Experience, ISO 14001 SME trained, SuperGreen Solutions Master Adviser, Plan for a Better Environment Adviser

Customer Testimonials

"I wanted to save money and energy and to make it more comfortable for my customers. I was looking into different companies, but when Tom (from the Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Regional offices) came in, we talked and he explained to me very well all the solutions and all the products SuperGreen Solutions had to offer. He also analyzed all my bills and thats when I made up my mind. I was great to work with Tom and I am looking forward to working with this company again in the near future."

Harinder S., Dunkin Donuts