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About SuperGreen Solutions of Minneapolis, MN

What started as a conviction, became our passion.

To bring affordable and clean energy to our favorite city. We're here to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save you money while doing it.


SuperGreen leads the market as premier advisors, suppliers and installers of energy efficient solutions. We 're here to help your businesses go green. We can help you get your sustainability certification, regardless of size. We will help manage and coordinate your financial, environmental, and social demands to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success for your company. We take the holistic appoach by looking at energy creation and preservation in order to provide you with all the possible savings.


Energy Reduction Strategy


Procuring the products needed for your enhancements plan is our expertise. Our green and eco-friendly products will save you energy and money. Our philosophy of "reduce before we produce" enables us to help your business reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions, while increasing efficiency and savings.





We help your company identify and execute on energy savings that can result in tens of thousands of dollars per year going straight to your bottom line. Our comprehensive sustainibility program will help you complete all the necessary adjustments to get you awarded Green Compass Sustainable. We have the ability to bundle several products and solutions together to get you there.


According to reported studies, businesses that have positive corporate responsibility can charge higher price premiums (upwards of +20%) and generate higher sales (upwards of +20%). These businesses typically also have higher employee morale, loyalty and productivity as well as less employee turnover. SuperGreen Solutions' sustainability program starts by completing a baseline assessment of your business to determine a sustainability ‘starting point.' We then manage the process of improving your company’s corporate sustainability behavior and protocols for high level performance thresholds that can be measured and certified as meeting industry-acknowledged sustainability levels. We work to assist in promoting those measured and documented actions. After the certification, we will remain your partner to advise your team in an effort to ensure continuation of the protocols that have been established.

The Green Compass Sustainability Award program will help your business differentiate itself from the competition and will allow your business to promote itself as a green business. This will provide access to new revenue streams, reduce your costs and gain loyalty with your customer base. As part of the program, we will:

Conduct a Benchmark Assessment

This is more than an energy audit. We will complete a detailed assessment of your entire business operation, not just your building; and analyze your current energy expenses and operational practices associated with sustainability.

Design the Enhancements Plan

The plan will detail the sustainable business items we will address within your business, leading to reductions in costs and have a positive financial impact.

Manage the Certification Process

We lead and guide the sustainability committee; made up from members of your staff. We work with the committee and together implement the operational changes needed for the certification award. For work you approve: we will assist with finding the financing, if needed; procure all of the necessary products for the projects and project manage the project from start to finish.

Promotion of Certification Award

Once your business has earned the sustainability award, we will lead the charge to promote your business as recognized sustainable. We will provide the marketing plan you will follow to gain the most exposure and benefit from your newly earned sustainable business status.

SuperGreen Solutions Minneapolis, MN will assist you in procuring the products needed for your enhancements plan. Our partnerships with these suppliers of green and eco-friendly products will save you energy and money. Our philosophy of "reduce before we produce" enables us to help your business reduce consumption and CO2 Emissions, while increasing efficiency and savings. Products include:

  • Energy management systems
  • Refrigeration enhancements
  • Existing window improvements
  • Insulation
  • LED lighting
  • Skylights
  • Solar power products
  • Distributed power solutions
  • EV charge stations
  • Water purification
  • Air to water
  • Water heating
  • Air filtration and purification systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • And more

Customer Testimonials

"I wanted to save money and energy and to make it more comfortable for my customers. I was looking into different companies, but when Tom (from the Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Regional offices) came in, we talked and he explained to me very well all the solutions and all the products SuperGreen Solutions had to offer. He also analyzed all my bills and thats when I made up my mind. I was great to work with Tom and I am looking forward to working with this company again in the near future."

Harinder S., Dunkin Donuts