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Time for
to Go Green

Trends in our society have changed to accommodate our increased awareness about climate change. A growing number of households and businesses are moving towards becoming environmentally friendly and sustainable to do their part in what should be a global effort.

However, these changes can be challenging to make; that’s why SuperGreen Solutions extends our expertise to the Charleston, SC community to help you in your journey towards sustainability.

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Helping Charleston Make a Difference

For over ten years, SuperGreen has guided home and business owners all over the world towards making environmentally-friendly changes. Green technology can be complicated, and we are here to streamline the process, answer all your questions, and help you determine which options are best for you.



  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar


  • Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers


  • Residential Air Purification
  • Commercial Air Purification


Making Green Easier

We offer a unique combination of services to help your home or business achieve sustainability. It starts with access to cutting-edge technology like air purification solutions that help you save energy and create a healthier environment. Then, please take advantage of our strategic expert guidance to find the right solutions for your green goals. Finally, you can rely on our ongoing support, so you have our expertise on call whenever you have a question. 

Fun Facts About Charleston, SC

  • The first golf club in the country was founded in Charleston way back in 1787.  
  • The Civil War began in Charleston’s own Fort Sumter back in 1861. 
  • Before Charleston became a U.S. city, it belonged to the British crown, which made it part of Barbados; in fact, Bridgetown, Barbados, is almost identical to Charleston in its layout.  

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