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About SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston, SC

Started in 1997, SuperGreen Solutions leads the market as premier advisors, suppliers and installers of domestic and commercial energy efficient solutions; we are prepared to help businesses go green. SuperGreen Solutions Charleston is your local source for obtaining sustainability certification for your small and medium-sized business. This involves the management and coordination of financial, environmental, and social demands and concerns to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success for your company. We are unique because we look at energy creation and energy saving from a holistic point of view in order to provide our clients with total solutions.

SuperGreen Solution's mission is to be the premier advisor, supplier, and installer of domestic and commercial energyefficient solutions. We aim to inspire, educate, and assist our clients in their goals of enhancing environmental stewardship and reducing carbon footprints. Through increased energy efficiency and renewable energy generation we help our clients save green by going green. Let's “Paint South Carolina Green”!


SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston is your one-stop source for energy efficient, money-saving products. No other company offers such diversity- from LED lighting, wind turbines, air and water purification systems, solar panels, and more. 

Our experts provide: Brand-Name Products, Rebate & Incentive Guidance, Installation Advice, Financing Options, After Sales Service & Support

We offer a variety of solutions that can make a major difference in your home or business!


REDUCE before you PRODUCE is our philosophy at SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston. We help you make sure your home or business is as energy efficient as possible prior to installing solar. By reducing your overall energy use, you can reduce the size of the system you need, potentially saving thousands of dollars in up-front costs. When you are ready for solar, we are proud to install U.S. manufactured premium panels and state-of-the-art monitoring technology with industry-leading 25-year product warranties. We stay up-to-date on the latest technology and will be providing architectural solar shingles and tiles as well as building-integrated photovoltaics as they become available to market. Please visit for more information.

  • Planning
  • Panels
  • Batteries


Buildings consume nearly half of the energy produced in the U.S. with lighting accounting for 20% to 50% of building electricity consumption. LED replacement bulbs are an excellent way to enhance lighting quality while substantially cutting operating costs. LEDs use up to 75 percent less electricity than traditional lighting and last up to 50 times as long resulting in significant maintenance savings. LEDs also achieve 100% brightness immediately (no warm-up required) and are inherently compatible with advanced control options. Additional benefits of LEDs include no infrared heat (additional load on air conditioning), no ultraviolet emissions, and LEDs do not contain mercury or other toxic chemicals like fluorescent lights.

SuperGreen Solutions is a Trade Ally of SCE&G. We locate and apply for all lighting incentives on behalf of our customers. In addition, as a service to our clients, we apply 100% of the lighting incentives to the cost of the project up front and we shoulder the burden of waiting the 4 to 6 weeks after project completion for the incentive check!

  • Lamps
  • Bulbs
  • Skylights

Energy Efficiency

Indow Window inserts fill an unmet need for an insulating solution for historic or inefficient windows. Indow delivers lower heating and cooling bills and reduces noise without damaging architectural integrity. Indow window simply press into place on the inside of a window frame. Each Indow insert is laser tailored to be out of square so that it precisely fits the opening for which it is designed. This provides a near airtight seal against drafts, without requiring the installation of an interior frame.

  • Insulation
  • Smart Technology
  • Indow Window Inserts


SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston offers gas or electric tank-less water heaters for on demand hot water that use up to 40% less energy than traditional system.

  • Solar Heater
  • Tankless Heaters
  • Purification


Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, wind turbines give you the power to create cleaen energy from the narural wind outside.

  • Purifier
  • Wind Mills
  • Fans
  • Venting


Daniel Hancock Photo

Daniel Hancock, President/Owner

As the Owner of SuperGreen Solutions of Charleston, Daniel is driven by his passion for the environment. He believes that improving energy efficiency, reducing consumption, and living more sustainably is the key to our future on this planet. Daniel is a licensed Professional Engineer and a licensed General Contractor, who studied Engineering at Clemson University where he earned both his undergraduate and master’s degree.


BILL KNIGHT, Managing Energy Advisor

With Bill’s background in finance and marketing, connecting people with how we can save them money comes natural to him. He is passionate about spending time with his family, staying fit, and making the largest positive difference for our planet he can. Bill loves to show clients how to go green while saving green and he is happy to advise how solar energy can be scaled to fit any family’s budget. Bill has been working in the sustainability industry for 1 ½ years and believes that green energy is so important because it allows for independence while ridding the use of our planet’s fossil fuels.

Mark Ball Photo

Mark Ball, Solar Project Manager

After obtaining an education degree from the College of Charleston, Mark finds himself communicating to a wide variety of people to help answer questions and teach individuals how solar energy can work to their benefit. As the Solar Project Manager, Mark is exceptional at counseling home owners and businesses on how to gain energy independence. This helps them financially have more for their priorities while contributing to a cleaner environment. Mark believes that it is very important to be environmentally responsible and to take care of the Earth as best as we can to help our future generations live better, healthier lives.

Heather Epps Photo

Heather Epps, Marketing Manager

Heather has always had a passion for sustainability and interned for the City of Charleston, Green Business Challenge early on in her career. Heather strongly believes in solar energy because it provides affordable electricity right now, and stabilizes future rising electricity rates for homeowners. As a parent, Heather knows how important financial planning is and feels lucky to work for a company that allows homeowners to take control over their electricity bill. She really enjoys educating people on the environmental benefits of renewable energy. Living in the beautiful Lowcountry reminds Heather everyday why it is so important to protect our natural resources for many future generations to come.

Customer Testimonials

"Daniel and his crew could not have been more professional throughout the entire process. He was super patient while our corporate office issued final approval for project. They updated the entire warehouse and building with state of the art energy efficient LED lighting. We could not be happier!! We highly recommend Daniel and SuperGreen Solutions!"

KC Stecker, Pacific Shore Stones
Charleston, SC

"Daniel and his team are the real deal! In today's age when you are fighting tooth and nail to get a call back from a contractor (pun intended), SuperGreen Solutions shines. They are extremely responsive and better yet extremely well versed in the products they offer. If you are interested in solar they are the ones to call!"

Keating Norris,
Charleston, SC

"Our company used SuperGreen Solutions to replace our existing parking lot lights with new LED fixtures. Daniel and his team did a remarkable job during the installation phase and the cost of the project was by far much less than any other quotes that I received. The project is now complete and I couldn’t be happier. We now have a brightly lit parking lot and should reduce our utility rates and repair cost substantially."

James Southerland, Flex
West Columbia, SC

"We just had Indow windows installed in our downtown apartment - the difference is amazing. Daniel the owner and his sales guy Bill went above and beyond with the installation. Highly recommend."

Susan P.,
Charleston, SC

"Daniel Hancock does amazing work and his knowledge/passion for what he does is incomparable. Not only does he know the science behind the energy management and can put together a great plan for your home or office but he also knows all the ins and outs of how to get tax incentives/rebates!! Thank you Daniel for all your help!"

Keith H.,
Charleston, SC

"Daniel and his team are awesome! The knowledge and customer service at SuperGreen could not be better. And being self employed myself his suggestions and modifications are all bottom line driven. Let him prove to you how much you can save!"

Dan C.,
Charleston, SC

"Daniel is very knowledgeable and passionate for helping his clients be more energy efficient. Highly recommend Daniel and his team!"

Michelle A.,
Charleston, SC

"Daniel and his team are so kind and accommodating. I am so glad he is a dealer for Indow Windows. I live on a very busy street with constant traffic including semi trucks and motorcycles. The Indows made a huge difference with our noise problem and they are worth every penny! Daniel also replaced our very worn out weatherstripping at a great price. Look no further, they are amazing!"

Liza G.,
Charleston, SC

"Daniel is so passionate about the environment, his products practically sell themselves. They improve your life and save you money. "

Dixie F.,
Charleston, SC