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Dirty Solar Power System Needing Residential Solar Panel Cleaning In Austin

Is Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Worth It? 

Installing solar panels is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills and increase your property’s value. However, when pollen, dust, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris get caught up on your solar panels’ surface, they reduce your solar power system’s efficiency. If you want to get the most out of your investment, you should turn to professional residential solar panel cleaning in Austin.

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Key Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

It Ensures Your Safety

Since solar panels are typically fitted on high roofs with uneven surfaces, cleaning them poses a considerable safety risk for anyone who isn’t used to this type of work. The last thing you want is to suffer a serious injury from a fall.

Specialists are trained and equipped to clean solar panels from an elevated height. For this reason, they’re less likely to sustain an injury on the job. In the event that an injury does occur, the solar panel cleaning company’s insurance offers protection to both parties.

It Eliminates the Risk of Damaging the Solar Panels

Going the DIY route on a solar panel cleaning task increases your risk of mistakes or accidents that may cause damage to your solar panels. For instance, using the wrong cleaning materials or too much water pressure directly on the panels can scratch them and damage the seals around the panel frame.

It Saves Time

If you keep a tight schedule, you’ll naturally want to reclaim your free time for yourself and your loved ones. Unless you’re willing to spend all of your free time cleaning your solar panels, it’s best to leave this time-consuming and tedious chore to an experienced professional.

It Produces the Most Satisfying Results

Besides relieving you from the task of cleaning your solar panels, professional services are likely to offer thorough and satisfying results. These people are trained to care for solar panels and clean them effectively. You can count on them to deliver the best results.

It Enhances Solar Panel Efficiency

Did you know that dirty panels lose around 30% of their efficiency? Cleaning them yourself doesn’t guarantee that you’re doing it according to the best standards. With professional solar panel cleaning services, you’ll see an increase in solar panel efficiency soon after they clean your solar power system.

Professionals Use the Right Cleaning Materials

It’s important to note that not all types of water are suitable for cleaning solar panels. Water with a particular mineral content can leave marks and stains on the surface of your panels that reduce their performance. For this reason, professionals protect your investment by testing and treating local water supplies to make sure that the water is 100% safe to use on your panels.

Additionally, professional cleaners don’t use regular soap or detergent to clean, leaving a residue or film that shades the panels and encourages dirt to stick and build up faster. They use industry-standard cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for solar panels.

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Looking for an Expert in Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Austin?

At SuperGreen Solutions, we’re committed to helping you find the easiest path to a greener and more sustainable way of living. If you’re looking to get the guidance and support you need to reduce your carbon footprint in your home. Call us to learn about solar panel cleaning and more.


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