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How to Maximize Your Solar Investment 

If reduced energy costs and sustainability matter to you, you probably have newly installed, high-quality solar panels on your roof. Like any other homeowner who’s chosen to go solar with their energy, you’ll want to get the most out of your investment. Besides ensuring regular residential solar panel cleaning in Jacksonville, you can do several things to maximize your solar power system.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Jacksonville gets rid of dust buildup

How to Get the Most Out of Your Solar Power System

Resolve Shade Issues Right Away

Did you know that shade cast on your solar panels will negatively affect your power system’s output? Even speckled or partial shading for small portions of the day can significantly impact your solar gain.

One shaded cell out of the normal 60 cells in one of the panels in your solar array is like a kink in your hose or a clogged pipe. If left unaddressed, the shaded cell will interrupt the current flowing through the solar panels and cause your system’s overall output to drop by 40%. In other words, shade on your solar panels works exponentially to reduce panel output.

Unless you’re willing to risk losing money due to inefficient solar power output, you should make sure that your solar panels are installed away from anything that can cast a small or temporary shadow on them. Some of the most common things that could cast a shadow on your solar power system include the following:

  • Roof antennae
  • Satellite dishes
  • Tall trees and bushes
  • Air conditioning units
  • Electricity poles

It’s best to keep an eye out for new shade issues that weren’t there when the solar company installed the system. However, if partial shading is unavoidable, you’ll want to ask your solar installer about microinverters. These plug-and-play devices reduce the impact of shading by up to 30%.

Monitor Your Solar Panels

Solar experts generally recommend consulting the manual when it comes to monitoring solar panels, particularly the inverter display. However, if you want to get the most out of your long-term investment, installing a solar monitoring system is best. These monitoring systems come in a variety of formats that display solar panel readings, download data to your computer, and allow you to configure a website with your solar data.

Installing a solar monitoring system can help you understand and optimize time you’re paying for electricity. It also allows you to adjust your energy consumption during peak daylight hours and protect your home against power outages. Furthermore, if something goes wrong with your energy system equipment, it alerts you and identifies repair solutions for your energy system equipment.

Besides detecting issues with your solar panels, solar monitoring systems also keep track of historical weather data. For this reason, they can forecast the impact of ongoing weather patterns on the overall energy production from your solar panel system.

a PV system needing Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Jacksonville

Keep a Record of Your System’s Day-to-Day Performance

If you’re willing to take it a step further, you might want to write down how much power your system produces over the course of the day. Keeping daily accounting can help you determine if your solar panels consistently generate as much energy as they should. Although making a note for mainly overcast days can throw off your results, they don’t necessarily indicate a problem with the system.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

Weather changes, seasons, and the sun’s changing position overhead can cause variations in the solar panel’s energy production from month to month. If you’ve had your solar power system for a while, you probably have an idea of how much fluctuation to expect over the course of a year. However, dirty panels could be the culprit if your system starts producing less energy than expected.

Your solar panels need regular cleaning to maintain top efficiency. The cleaner the glass is on the solar panel, the more unobstructed surface the sun has to work with.

What You Should Know About Solar Panel Dirt Accumulation

Many homeowners wonder how often they should get their solar panels cleaned. The frequency of solar panel cleaning largely depends on where you live. While some areas only require a weekly washing, others can get away with every other month or six months.

If you live downwind from an airport, highway, or farmland, the air in your area may carry more dust that could settle on the panels. Moreover, you may find a hazy film on the surface of your solar panels that may not rinse off if your location is prone to pollution from wildfire smoke or industrial smog.

If tall trees surround your home, you may have to deal with the panels’ buildup of fallen leaves, branches, and bird droppings. Furthermore, rain may be a problem if your local climate is humid enough for moss to grow around your house. You may also notice a sticky residue on your solar panels if you’ve recently come out of a season of high pollen count.

Additionally, a solar panel setup where your panels lie mostly flat, between zero and five degrees, will likely accumulate faster surface soiling than other surfaces. Although rain can help rinse dust, sparse rainfall won’t prevent heavy dust buildup. Rain isn’t enough to wash away branches, leaves, bird droppings, and sticky pollen residue that may accumulate on your panels.

an expert in Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Jacksonville at work

Hire an Expert in Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Jacksonville!

You may think that solar panel cleaning is an easy DIY task that’s a lot similar to other pressure washing endeavors. Although DIY solar panel cleaning can save you some money, you’ll have to deal with several risk factors such as injuries and damages and using the wrong cleaning methods and materials. Conversely, hiring a professional to handle the task offers undeniable benefits that your DIY efforts will not measure up to.

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