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EV Charging Station In Ellicot City

How EV Charging Can Make Your Business More Sustainable  

The first step toward environmental sustainability is deciding what that means for your business. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development, “Sustainability is meeting the needs of today without sacrificing future generations’ ability to meet their needs”.

Clearly, climate change is a global issue that is too large for one government to solve, much less an individual business. However, there are smaller components to the greater problem with more manageable solutions. Just by choosing a single energy solution like solar energy or installing EV charging in Ellicot City, you can make a difference.

Every green-energy solution you implement now contributes to building a more sustainable future for everybody. An electric vehicle charging station at your place of business is a great example of a single solution that supports green energy infrastructure and promotes long-term success.

commercial EV Charging station in Ellicot City

The Benefits

Commercial EV Charging Stations Increase Sustainability While Benefiting Your Business

The demand for EV charging stations is rapidly growing. It’s a result of pressure from environmental concerns, dwindling fossil fuel resources, and developing battery technology. Consequently, vehicle buyers today are choosing to purchase electric motors in record numbers. Unfortunately, public EV charging stations are not as available as conventional gas stations and easy access to safe charging is in short supply.

Your Business Stands Out as a Leader in Your Community

Cost analysis of EV ownership shows modest savings over conventional vehicles. Which doesn’t translate directly into an economic advantage for you unless your business happens to be transportation-based. However, developing sustainable strategies for your business will give you a competitive edge leading to other financial returns.

Having EV Charging establishes you as a leader in eco-awareness, engaging the community, and creating social capital.

  • Elevates Consumer Awareness of your Brand
  • Forms and Strengthens Community Relationships
  • Attracts New Customers
  • Invites Customers to Stay Longer
  • Inspires Customer Loyalty
  • Attracts Eco-Aware Talent to your Workforce

Your Business Promotes and Supports EV Ownership in Your Community

Every public EV charging location strengthens the framework necessary for making electric vehicles a practical alternative to fossil-fuel-burning vehicles. Diesel and gasoline fueling stations are everywhere, but EV drivers must carefully plan their routes for access to safe charging stations.

EV Charging at Your Business Encourages More Electric Vehicle Buyers

Conventionally powered vehicles drivers spend very little time worrying about the range of their vehicles because fuel stations are readily available. Research shows electric vehicle owners may be subject to range anxiety due to battery capacity and lack of convenient charging opportunities.

Range anxiety discourages some buyers from purchasing an electric vehicle. Without a collective effort supporting green energy, a sustainable future is in doubt. Your business promotes green energy and strengthens the infrastructure of your community by providing EV charging.

What You Should Know About Sustainable Energy Solutions

Your best course of action for getting started is to consult with professionals that specialize in green energy solutions. An industry expert can provide valuable guidance for minimizing your costs and maximizing your gains. From understanding subsidies and incentives to reducing energy waste or just choosing your EV station, a knowledgeable consultant can boost your long-term success

Consumers Want Green

The truth is consumers care about sustainability and the environment. In fact, buyers are changing their purchasing habits to reduce their impact on the environment. A report by Neilson IQ found that 73% of global consumers say they would change their consumption behavior for exactly this reason.

Green Is Profitable

Not only consumers are heading in a greener direction either. “A remarkable correlation” between sustainable “business practices and economic performance” was found in Arabesque’s report on sustainable investing.

an electric car at an EV Charging station in Ellicot City

So Why isn’t Every Business Moving Towards Sustainability?

With all the benefits of going green, it seems like such an obvious solution to protecting the environment! However, even in the face of increasing climate change and resource shortages, some businesses fear taking positive action. Small businesses particularly may feel that sustainability just isn’t affordable.

Is Installing EV Charging Expensive?

A tricky question without a simple answer. Regardless of the benefits that contribute to long-term success for both your business and the world, the initial investment is something to consider.

Installing an EV station isn’t usually plug-and-play, and the costs can vary substantially depending on several factors.

The Equipment

This cost is primarily determined by what specifications you want for your equipment. How many vehicles can your equipment charge and how quickly can it charge them?

Powering Your EV Station

This cost can vary wildly! Commercial equipment draws a heavy power load and may require upgrades to the local utility infrastructure. Considerations such as installing a 480-volt circuit, electrical panels, meters, groundwork, and more, can significantly impact installation expenses.

Software and Training

Much like a conventional gas station, commercial EV charging stations must have a process for managing energy and data. Stations must be able to control and measure power from the utility connection and then be fed to vehicles. They also need a system for charging the user. This entails a sophisticated computer system and training to use it.

Soft Costs

Where will your station be located? What will it look like? How are you going to organize the movement and placement of vehicles? Signage and barriers don’t just make your station user-friendly and safe; they also impact your branding.

Is EV Charging Difficult to Maintain?

Commercial EV charging stations require skilled and knowledgeable maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Without maintenance, your charging station will slow considerably and is more likely to need costly repairs, becoming unreliable. Fortunately, contracting with a professional service provider makes it easy.

Protect your investment by partnering with a reliable and knowledgeable service provider for maintenance and repairs. This ensures your station operates at peak condition and remains attractive to consumers. The practical solution to the maintenance expense is to factor the cost into the price you charge for public access.

three Teslas at EV charging stations in Ellicot City

Want More Information About EV Charging in Ellicot City?

Understanding what it means to be a sustainable business may be easier than getting there!

Green solutions such as providing EV charging, using solar power, doing energy audits, and maintaining your equipment for efficiency, are all steps that make a difference. Our consultants at SuperGreen Solutions can get you started today. A consultation with the green energy experts at SuperGreen Solutions can help you start today. Contact us for expert assistance with EV charging in Ellicot City.


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