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How Effective Are Solar Panels at Night?

SuperGreen Solutions has been rapidly expanding our residential solar programs in Winston-Salem, NC, among other areas, which means we’ve been getting many first-time residential solar adopters asking questions. One of the common ones is how they’re supposed to use solar energy during the nighttime. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how solar panels function in the nighttime, as well as explain how your home can be powered overnight. We hope this helps you take full advantage of the benefits solar power has to offer. 

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Do Solar Panels Work in Moonlight? 

Technically, moonlight does provide power that can be harnessed by solar panels. This makes sense since moonlight is just reflected sunlight.  

That said, the current technology means that moonlight could power little more than a single LED bulb. While researchers are working on solar panels that would work at night, this research is not far enough along for commercial use. 

How to Power Your Home Overnight with Solar 

Because there isn’t enough usable energy for solar panels, they often shut off at night. This may lead you to wonder how you can power your home. 

There are two popular options. 

Solar Batteries 

Solar batteries are essential if you want to power your home independent from the grid. They take the power you generated while the sun was out and allow you to use it during the nighttime. They can also be useful on days where it’s cloudy or rainy. 

There are many different battery options available on the market, which can make choosing the right one difficult. You want to find a battery that can store enough energy for all your energy needs, without overpaying for a battery that will store more energy than you need. 

Batteries are typically measured via the following categories: 

  • Power 
  • Usable Capacity 
  • Roundtrip Efficiency 
  • Instantaneous Power 

They can be particularly useful during natural disasters when the grid is down. When determining how much power you need, it’s worth taking worst-case scenarios into account. 

Net Metering 

Net metering is a good solution if you’re looking to start using solar, but you’re not ready to completely disconnect from the grid. 

During the day, when you’re able to produce more energy than you need, that energy can be used by other buildings in your area. Then, once night falls and you’re no longer able to produce energy, your utility company will provide you with energy without you having to pay for it. 

Essentially, you’re able to exchange the energy that you produced during the day with energy that your utility company produced at night. Most states have laws requiring utility companies to offer net metering. You can learn more about North Carolina’s net metering laws here. 

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Looking for Residential Solar in Winston-Salem? 

SuperGreen Solutions has you covered. We’re a franchise system committed to helping homeowners and business owners benefit from the power of clean energy. While we’ve had many accomplishments, the one we’re currently most proud of is our recent partnership with Tesla. Own a Tesla? We are certified installers for Tesla EV chargers! 

Whether you’re looking for more information about solar, or you’re ready to request a quote, please don’t hesitate to find a provider near you. 

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