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Green New Deal: What Does it Really Entail?

The Green New Deal (GND) is a proposal to dramatically shift the United States economy in hopes of combating climate change and social inequality simultaneously. The theory behind this deal is that economic disparity and climate change are linked. By tackling one, you naturally impact the other. In essence, by upgrading the country?s infrastructure, revitalizing the energy system, restoring ecosystems and retrofitting buildings to be greener and more sustainable, you inadvertently create millions of new jobs.

The Green New Deal has the following goals:

1. Create millions of jobs that have ?family-sustaining? wages and benefits.

2. Transition to a clean energy economy by investing in smart grids for renewable energy and expanding low-emissions public transportation.

3. Replace lead pipes and clean up hazardous waste sites to reduce toxic air and water pollution.

4. Build more energy-efficient homes.

5. Build more climate-resilient communities through the construction of stronger bridges and restoring wetlands.

6. Destroy racial disparity by allowing working-class families of color to have first-access to these jobs and community upgrades.

As the Green New Deal is written and debated in Congress, SuperGreen Solutions can help you transform your business into a sustainable entity – without having to wait for a new law. By taking appropriate measures to switch to clean energy to power your electricity to adopting company-wide plastic-reduction and recycling programs, you can make a significant difference in your communities.

Contact SuperGreen Solutions today to determine what your next, world-changing step should be. By taking significant strides to make a difference, your company can achieve ISO 14001 Certification Compliance. This Certification Statement offers a unique service that helps with everything from improving revenues and financial performance to employee engagement and public image while lowering costs.

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