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Energy Conservation vs. Energy Efficiency

energy efficiency

The terms energy conservation and energy efficiency are often used interchangeably, but they are actually very different concepts. Although similar in the core of what they are, they are used to describe two different sustainable practices. The best way to understand the difference is as simple as defining them.

Energy Efficiency

The practice of energy efficiency is using technology that requires less energy to provide the same function. For instance, a light-emitting diode (LED) light bulb is more energy efficient than an incandescent light bulb, but they both produce the same amount of light and brightness. By replacing all light bulbs with LED ones, you are practicing greater energy efficiency in your home or office.

Energy Conservation

Meanwhile, energy conservation is any behavior or habit surrounding the use of less energy. For instance, turning off the lights when you leave a room or raising your thermostat temperature when you leave the home or office are prime examples of energy conservation. Additionally, in your office, this means unplugging unused electronics and turning computers and lights off overnight.

Energy Conservation vs. Energy Efficiency

As mentioned, both practices are excellent ways of practicing greater sustainability in personal and professional environments. Although different, both can be adopted in daily practices. SuperGreen Solutions can help by working with your business to achieve greater efficiency and reduce your energy consumption. Your business can reduce costs, increase revenue, improve operations and be recognized as a sustainability leader in your market. It can be as easy as taking small, valuable steps toward greater energy efficiency in the form of new light bulbs and energy conservation by turning those light bulbs off after a long work day.

SuperGreen Solutions has simple, easy-to-follow criteria for both energy conservation and energy efficiency. You can measure your energy usage at the end of a month or quarter and see the real difference your small improvements have made on the environment.

Contact your local SuperGreen Solutions consultant today to be one step closer to green certification!

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