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Electric vehicle ownership is about to explode. Are you ready?

Over the past few years you may have undoubtedly heard about how electric vehicles (EVs) are going to change the auto industry. Well, the three biggest automakers, GM, Ford, and Fiat-Chrysler have recently pledged to sell up to 50% of their automobiles as EVs by 2025. This is an enormous commitment that is already inspiring others to follow suit. In addition to these big 3 automakers, there are numerous others that are stepping up to the market challenge and seizing the opportunity of changing consumer preferences by offering more EV options. Let’s not forget about the nontraditional, already established EV automakers such as Tesla and Nio and a host of other EV start up companies such as Rivian, Lordstown, and more. On a slightly different thought, the biggest implication of EV sales may not be ownership increases, rather the lowering of carbon emissions attributed to the U.S. domestic transportation sector. Twenty-nine percent of the country’s emissions are attributed directly to transportation. Thus, it’s easy to see how EV growth benefits more than our economy. So what does this all mean for those interested in getting involved in the EV revolution? Well it doesn’t mean you need to start an automobile company. It simply means you need to be part of it. 

Electric Vehicle Growth Means Charging Station Growth 

If you’re interested in ways to contribute to the acceleration of EV growth but don’t have any experience, no need to fret. The biggest need to meet expected growth of EV sales is going to be a robust and convenient charging network. You can’t have an EV without a charger. Over the past decade, there has been significant development in charging station technology and new charging station manufacturers entering the US market. However, having the technology means nothing if stations are not physically installed around the country in convenient locations. The biggest opportunity to be part of the EV revolution lies in helping business and property owners install these stations. Increasingly, more employees, tenants, and drivers are looking for places that have convenient charging near them. Why? Range anxiety. Even as the battery capacity grows in newer EVs, owners still like to keep a full charge. This is where businesses and properties can carpe diem and seize the new market. More importantly, those trained professionals who help those businesses understand which station(s) are best for their location and help them install those stations, will be at the highest advantage as the EV market rapidly grows. Does this all sound like a great opportunity? It is! However, it isn’t as easy as people may make it out to be.

How to Get Started in the Charging Industry

You’ve seen the stats, you know the growth patterns, perhaps you are an EV owner yourself or have driven an EV, and now you’re ready to be part of the larger industry. How do you get started? If you’re not a contractor or don’t have a background in engineering, you don’t need to suddenly run out and get 4 years of experience and take your licensing exam. There are much simpler ways to get started. Primarily, receiving significant training and education along with guided support along the way. Part of this training will need to be focused on where charging stations should be located to begin with. More importantly, you will need to have strategic partnerships with charging station manufacturers and a deep understanding of which stations are best for each customer. The good news is there is an established franchise company that can get you started quickly!

Here at SuperGreen Solutions, we built a franchise system that trains entrepreneurs from all backgrounds on how to become a certified installer of EV charging stations. SuperGreen Solutions is a leading franchise brand also offering Solar and Air Purification solutions to businesses and residential properties. If you are interested in learning more, please visit and book a meeting with us today.

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