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Man Doing Residential Solar Panel Cleaning In Central Kentucky

Do Residential Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned?

Just like any technology, solar panels that have been well-maintained and serviced will perform better, so it’s no surprise that residential solar panel cleaning in Central Kentucky is essential. In this post, we’ll cover why you need to clean your solar panels and how to clean them efficiently.  

house requiring residential solar panel cleaning in Central Kentucky 

Cleaning Residential Solar Panels: Why and How You Should Do It

Importance of Cleaning Solar Panels

It is critical to keep your solar panels clean. Solar panels are also designed to work by enabling light to penetrate the solar cells. Once the light can be obstructed by dirt, it’ll no longer function efficiently. Pollen, dust, bird poop are the common substances that block sunlight from reaching the solar cells, resulting in lower energy generation. 

New Innovation

New research is being conducted to maintain solar panels clean and efficient. While there are still professional services and DIY ideas available to remove dirt and debris, technological advancements are laying the groundwork for simplified upkeep. Among the many are the following:  

  • Special glass coatings that prevent dust and decrease soiling. 
  • Robotic cleaners that employ air blowers and soft brushes to clear the dirt without using water at night. 


Dust causes ongoing issues aside from the accumulation of dirt over time. However, where your house is located has a significant impact on how much this can influence your system and what initiates the first signs of damage in your technology. For instance, if you live in an area where dust is your primary enemy, then you’ll probably want to clean your panels more often than others. 

According to tests conducted by expert installers, a small amount of dust may have no effect because light can still penetrate the solar cells. They recommend allowing nature to take its course, as rain will take care of the majority of the solar panel cleaning. In contrast, if thick dust already covers your board, getting it cleaned is the best way to protect and prolong its life.  


Aside from dust, leaves may also block the light. Before installation, you’ll be instructed to place these panels in an area that won’t be covered by tree branches or anywhere near a tree. The reason for this is to ensure that leaves won’t get in the way. However, if you have limited space and the only area you can place your panels is near a tree, it’s essential that you schedule a monthly clean-up. 

Bird Poop

If you live in an area where birds actively fly around, you will have to clean the apparent droppings from the birds. Because of the upwards angle of solar boards, they are more prone to bird poop. Once these accumulate, the build-up cannot be simply washed off with just rain. This will prevent a significant amount of light from hitting the panel and dramatically decreases its output. 

technician performing residential solar panel cleaning in Central Kentucky 

Are you Planning to Get a Residential Solar Panel Cleaning in Central Kentucky?

If you’re having a hard time thinking about the right thing to do when it comes to your solar panels, you can take suggestions from the best company in the country about cleaning frequency, as well as, how to clean the solar PV systems.  

Asking for professional help to clean your solar panels can make things easier for you. At SuperGreen Solutions, we prioritize your concerns and take into account the impact technologies can bring out to the environment. Schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll assist you in any way possible! 

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