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Tankless On-Demand Gas Hot Water Heaters

Water heaters

Did you know water heating can be as much as 30% of your overall energy costs? An average hot water tank will heat your hot water 16-20 times per day whether you are home or not. We would not eat foot heated up that many times. With a conventional water heating system, heat elements are used to keep a large volume of water hot continuously.

In a Demand or Tankless Water Heater system, hot water is produced as needed. When hot water is required, water is circulated through large coils which are heated by either gas or electric heating elements. This allows the tankless systems to be much more efficient. If you get a properly sized and quality system, you will have access to as much hot water as needed. There are many other perks like remote controls to set the temperature just right for each user and many other advantages with tankless systems.