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about us

In 2014, SuperGreen Solutions launched our flagship store in Edmonton.  With our truly unique green energy concept, SuperGreen Solutions is already making great strides throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.  The Western Canadian Region is owned and operated by a local, family owned and operated couple Francis Gough & Emma Sampson-Gough.  This local market knowledge coupled with over 18 years of energy efficiency experience as a company, allows SuperGreen Solutions to offer solutions tailored for any home owner, business or community.

SuperGreen Solutions is a local one stop shop for all your energy efficiency needs. Our goal is to provide you with the right advice and products to reduce your energy bill and your impact on the environment, while saving you money. We specialize in Energy Reduction, Energy Creation and Energy Management through:

  • Solar Power (PV)
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Skylights
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Wind Power
  • Energy Management
  • and LED Lighting

Simply: We work with people, businesses and communities to help them go green – and save green ($$$).

We are specialists in helping people become more energy efficient, but what makes us completely unique is the sheer number or solutions and expertise we offer under one roof.  Secondly, we don’t just sell product, we educate consumers that going green may have higher upfront costs but all of our solutions pay you back in a timeframe that makes sense for the average consumer and business.  Lastly we can educate, sell product and offer fully customized and installed energy efficient solutions.

Solar Power/Photo Voltaic (PV) – Grid tied and stand alone Solar Power products for home and business. RV, marine and camping options also available from the world’s leading PV suppliers, such as: Canadian Solar and Suntech.

Skylights & Natural Lighting Solutions – These are a amazing way to let in passive light for way less that you would imagine in terms of cost.  Whether you need a traditional roof window, tubular daylighting system or an innovative hybrid skylight (LED/Solar Power driven), SuperGreen has the Solutions!

Efficient Lighting – LED Lighting can offer one of the quickest Return On Investments (ROI) for going green for commercial and residential uses.  LED lights can help reduce energy consumption by as much as 80%.  At SuperGreen Solutions we source products from several distributors and manufacturers directly focusing only on top quality products.  From screw in LED lights, LED Tubes, Flat Panel LEDs to Outdoor LEDs!

Insulation, Weatherization & Caulking – Offer one of the lowest cost and one of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs in Canada.  Hot water tank wraps, weather strip kits, insulation vats and blow-in insulation from  companies such as Owens Corning and MD Building Products.

Energy Management & Power Storage Devices – Manage your energy from your phone.  Technology is cool, but even better when it allows you to save money.  Programable thermostats are for people who live in a program.  Regular people’s schedule changes all the time and so do their energy needs.  Change your thermostat, turn on lights, check your home on camera or only energize power outlets when motion is detected; is all possible with SuperGreen’s Energy Management system!

Energy Efficient Water Heating – don’t heat your water in a tank 16-20 times a day.  Solar thermal, tankless gas and hybrid heat pump water heaters from the worlds leading suppliers, such as Rheem and Rinnai will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Wind Power – Wind is a great way to capture the earth’s natural power.  Wind turbines from leading suppliers such as Urban Green Energy and Windspire can make a statement and reduce energy costs.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Stations – we are starting to see more and more electric vehicles in Canada.  SuperGreen Solutions offers a wide array or charging solutions for house and commercial applications.

Air Purification Solutions – Eliminate chemicals, filters and breathe a cleaner and purer air at work or home through Odorox air purification systems. These purification systems generate naturally occurring Hydroxyls which eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Installation – Insulation is critical in our climate but which insulation is really “green”?  SuperGreen Solutions utilizes the best insulation manufacturers but also focuses on ensuring they are green.  If it works great but involves horrible dangerous chemicals then you won’t find it here. We help educate people on finding middle ground between R value and “green” value.

SuperGreen Solutions is proud to be a unique one stop shop in energy efficiency and we would love to help you go green and save green!