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Our product range appeals to energy conscious buyers, builders and homeowners. It is constantly updated with new products and services for many applications to meet the exponential demand.


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The Canadian government and certain provinces offer extensive tax incentives to individuals and businesses thus making it easier than ever. Ask us how you can take full advantage of these incentives!

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Do you have questions on how to make your home or perhaps your business into a environmentally friendly space? We can help to we can guide you. Talk to a SuperGreen specialist.

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Green Energy Solutions & Products

Reduce before you Produce is one of our mottos at SuperGreen Solutions. As we are a one-stop shop, we work with our clients to ensure they use their hard-earned money to maximize savings and return on investment. In terms of reducing energy costs, insulation and weather strips can be one of the least expensive ways to reduce your energy consumption for the least amount of capital outlay. Insulation is key as well in terms of creating a comfortable home or office and optimizing your energy efficiency.

LED lighting is another fairly straightforward way to easily reduce your energy costs by as much as 80% for lighting. LED lights, with strategically installed skylights to draw in the natural rays of the sun, improve interior lighting efficiency and aesthetics. At SuperGreen Solutions we offer solutions to meet every need, from basic reduction strategies to complete wind and solar power systems for residential and commercial needs.

At SuperGreen Solutions we are truly a one-stop shop for energy efficiency. We are a locally owned company with powerful global resources and local expertise that we combine to provide cost-effective green solutions for our clients.

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