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2020 Energy Management Resolutions

Resolutions are notoriously broken by the second half of January. People will hope to exercise more, drink less, read more or spend less ? but find it difficult to make a cold turkey change just because it is a new year. That said, there are certain long-term goals that you can set that will ultimately change your habits and impact more than just yourself. The key is to not be overly ambitious. Consider small, daily changes you can make, which turn into longer-term accomplishments.

Energy Resolutions

  1. Check Your Energy Bill ? Where are you using the most energy and what can you do to lessen that? Energy management and shifting to green energy are key to greater sustainability long-term.
  2. Educate and Inspire Employees to Better Habits ? Can you put up flyers? Have you considered department-focused competitions? What can you do to make sustainability and better environmental practices fun and effective in your workplace?
  3. Start an Office Sustainability Team ? An employee-run sustainability team can help your staff feel more passionate about making significant changes. For instance, recycling programs on every floor, reusable coffee mugs and water bottles, and unplugging electronics every weekend can make all the difference. Teams can generate points with these simple acts and a winner can be chosen every month or quarter.
  4. Purchase Products with Less Packaging ? Doing your research for vendors who are trying to make a difference can ultimately help you reach your own sustainability goals. Recycling is important, but producing less waste is that much more important.
  5. Get ISO 14001 Certified ? By earning the ISO 14001 certification, you are informing your employees, suppliers, and competitors that you already have ? and will continue to ?? make significant changes within your business.

SuperGreen Solutions exists because small business can, and should, practice greater sustainability. Equipped with the tools, training, and certifications to make your business more eco-friendly, SuperGreen Solutions is also a practical energy management resolution. By contacting SuperGreen, you are taking practical steps toward making a positive impact on your business, community . . . and the world.

Contact your local SuperGreen Solutions team today!

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