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Texas Just Got
a Whole Lot Greener

Announcing Our Newest SuperGreen Solutions Location!

Austin is quickly becoming a cultural hub in the United States, and as such, a leader in social trends. Along with this growth comes an increased focus on environmentalism and an excellent opportunity to become an example for the rest of the country in green energy usage. If you own a home or business in Austin, we want to help you achieve your sustainability goals with our wide range of green services.

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Go Solar In Austin!

Austin Texas Solar Incentives

Many homeowners are eligible for federal and state incentives that can help reduce the cost of your solar panel installations.

Did you know?

  • Federal Tax Credit: Solar installations are eligible for the federal tax credit, which allows you to deduct up to 30% of your solar installation cost for the year the solar panel was installed.
  • Electric Utility Incentives: Check with your local municipal utilities such as Austin Energy, CPS Energy, and GVEC. In addition to the FTC, these companies may offer solar rebate programs to save you even MORE money off of your solar installation. Now that's a deal!
  • State Property Tax Exemption: Solar increases the value of your home. Texas exempts this from your property taxes, which means you don’t pay extra in taxes.
  • See if you qualify: HERE

Why Go Solar In Austin, Texas?

Interesting Facts:

  • It wasn’t always Austin! The original name of the city was Waterloo, given by Stephen F. Austin, “The Father of Texas.”
  • Austin has earned its title of the live music capital of the world thanks to hosting nearly 200 live music events per capita!
  • There’s a reason Austin also carries the nickname of Bat City. Austin is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America.

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How We Can Help You Become Super Green

We all want to minimize our environmental impact but becoming more sustainable is not as simple as flipping a switch. Despite the changing global trends, it can still prove difficult to navigate the renewable energy market. Our goal is to make it easier for home and business owners to go green efficiently.  



  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar


  • Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers


  • Residential Air Purification
  • Commercial Air Purification


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